This Old House

from by Braden Gates



this old house, it’s seen its fair share of sorrow
joy for today hope for tomorrow
this old house, it holds nights I can’t recall
I’ve watched seasons turn, letters burn, and heard lovers call
in this old house, in this old house

these old jeans, they hold whispers of romance
once a navy blue now faded in my hands
these old jeans, the color of her eyes
been worn so thin, again and again
my love never dies, for these old jeans
for these old jeans

this old guitar, holds my blood on string
it fits just right in my hands as I sing
with this old guitar, I find words I could never find on my own
busted seams, forgotten dreams and memories of home
with this old guitar, with this old guitar


from Edmontone Demos Vol. Three, released March 24, 2016



all rights reserved