Rusted Hubcaps

from by Braden Gates



daddy’s in steal toes out in the garage
changing out the tires, putting winter ones on
he’s so matter of fact, right on track
he works his way around them rusted hubcaps
and I give him a hand, hell I’ll give him two
ain’t that the best his boy can do
we start in the front then on to the back
together we work around them rusted hubcaps

I drove my car into a tree
the first snowfall of the year I turned 18
my bumper cracked, my radiator leaked
I had rusted, busted hubcaps
I tried to take a drift in the neighborhood
I liked to think I could drive better than I actually could
and after the crash, my daddy laughed
at my rusted, busted hubcaps

it’s coming on midnight on highway 16
I’m out of coffee, cigarettes and gasoline
I’ve been out west and back, even further than that
every mile on my rusted, busted hubcaps
I pull in for fuel behind a GMC
it couldn’t be newer than a ‘93
and just like that, I see my daddy’s hand
right in the middle if it’s rusted hubcaps


from Edmontone Demos Vol. Three, released March 24, 2016



all rights reserved