Another Reason For the Blues

from by Braden Gates



when I hear you talking about leaving town
it breaks my heart that this place let you down
that I let you down and that I will again
with every word left unsaid
but rest assured, you’ll find grace
it’s in your blood, it’s in your name
and this talk of leaving ain’t some excuse
no baby, it’s just another reason for the blues

my old home town I left behind
only whispers in my mind
only shadows in my dreams
only strangers walk them streets
and when I go back in my head
I only wish that I’d never left
and when I find there’s nothing left to do
I find another reason for the blues

when I hear those sirens
they bring me to
those long dark nights laying
shaking next to you
two lovers on their way back home
looking for a piece of freedom to call their own
but I found pain on your front steps
as I held you while you wept
and you said love could pull us through
but I knew love was just another reason for the blues

I sit in silence
on 78
the same damn road
where we danced in the rain
I sit broken, sit misused
talk is cheap when you’re fumbling for the truth
I may be bad, I may be a saint
you can draw me up in whatever way in that portrait that you paint
I made need love, I may love you
but I don’t need another reason for the blues


from Edmontone Demos Vol. Three, released March 24, 2016



all rights reserved